Mazatlan FC partying! They defeat America 2-1 at the Kraken


Goals by Gonzalo Sosa and Miguel Sansores put the Sinaloan port club in front

Sinaloa.- What a party that was lived in the port of Mazatlan where the Sinaloa team humiliated one of the greats of national soccer by beating the Eagles of America 2 by 1 in actions of the date 2 of the MX League at stake that it lasted 105 minutes. 

This result fully enters the league classification zone and leaves Mazatlán in 9th place in the general table of the Liga MX by already adding 6 points; for its part, America stagnates at 14th place with 4 units. 

The game: 

Gonzalo Sosa scored a goal for Mazatlán at 10 minutes. The Mazatlán attacker took advantage of a rebound from Ochoa to push the ball into the net. 

At 26, Benedetti takes a shot that goes to the side. 

At minute 27, Sosa was about to score the second goal of the night again, but Guillermo Ochoa was attentive to stop the attack from Sinaloa. 

At minute 29, America attempted to go down the left side, but Vikonis, the Mazatlan goalkeeper, did well to stop the attack. 

At 32 comes the second goal of Mazatlan through Miguel Sansores who in a header puts the second goal for the Sinaloans. 

At 34 the first change of America comes, Jordan Silva leaves and Jorge Sánchez enters. The first 45 minutes are over and the Sinaloa team wins it 2-0. 

Already in the complementary part to 49, a move is made by those from Coapa but they fall out of place. 

The game is played in midfield; teams don’t end up focusing on their attacks. 

At 60 Henry Martin takes a shot that goes off the side of the Vikonis goal. 

Key men are coming for America, Jonathan Dos Santos enters the field and Marco Fabián de la Mora enters Mazatlán. 

At 74 Roger Martínez takes out a flash that goes down the side of the Mazatlán arch. 

At minute 79, América tries but the purple defense contains well and avoids the danger in his goal. 
At 93, to make the defeat undignified in a center, Otero scored for the Coapa team to put the score 2-1, but still in favor of the Sinaloans, who in the end were left with the victory in front of their fans. 

The game went to 105 minutes where an action came from outside the area that was reviewed by the VAR and a free kick was scored in favor of América who missed the action with a free kick shot by Roger Martínez that went straight to the barrier. Immediately the center-back marked the end of the match for the victory of Mazatlán FC 2 goals per


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