What can’t you find in a Mazatlan flea market? There is everything and for everything


Clothes, antiques, food, and miraculous products are some things you can buy in a tianguis.

MAZATLAN. – Going to the tianguis is an experience full of colors, flavors and sounds, because you will surely hear a vendor say: “Come on, güerita, what are you going to wear”, you will walk among mountains of second-hand clothes, you will smell the aroma of the quesadillas and taco carts. 

But what is a flea market?  

The portal of the Government of Mexico, in the section on Agrifood and Fisheries Information, points out that “the etymology of the word tianguis comes from the Nahuatl tianquiz(tli), market.” 

«In pre-Hispanic Mexico, bartering was the most common method to be able to obtain products and/or services that they needed and, in the same way, to make available to others what they generated. In the same way, coins such as cocoa or tools made of copper were used. 

Photo: Rosina Grave

Mazatlan flea markets

In the city of Mazatlan, there are three tianguis: the Ricardo Flores Magón, Francisco Villa, and Benito Juárez neighborhoods, the latter being the largest and most popular in the city. 

From the outside you cannot measure its size, you think that it is only located around the square, like the others, but no, the “Tianguis de la Juárez” is large and once inside it loses you among the 7 blocks it covers.  

As mentioned before, going to the tianguis on Sunday mornings is an activity and Mexican experience that you have to live at least once in your life. Why? For all the things you can find there and, here in confidence, at an excellent price.  

✓ The Bale  

Bale clothes, “chingon@s” promos of 10, 20, 30 and 50 pesos per garment, that if you look well you can find hidden treasures. The paca is a good option to go to renew your wardrobe.  

The best thing is that on many occasions they are products that are new and are up for auction, yes, you have to wash them before using them.  

✓ Antiques  

Phew. The tianguis is the perfect space to find treasures, from a piece of jewelry, paintings, movies and vintage books.  

All at a bargain price that you don’t want to miss out on, and on many occasions you can even find collectible items.  

✓ Food  

The taco, gordita and tostada races surround the tianguis, and beyond being able to find these stalls (which are delicious) you will run into vendors of fruits, vegetables, seafood and even meats.  

An advantage of buying there is that the prices are much cheaper than in the markets.  

✓ Accessories, telephony and tools  

Is there something that cannot be found in a flea market? It seems that not, there is a lot of diversity of junk such as telephones, records, water filters, tools for carpentry work and accessories for your home. If you search well, you will even find a room.  

✓ Miraculous products 

These cannot be missing. The incredible products that you can only find there: the lint brush, the vegetable grater, with which you lose weight in a day and the famous ointment that promises to slim you down 2 sizes in a single application.  

Their functionality may be questionable, but we are not going to deny that the way in which they are sold captivates us and makes us stay there for a few minutes observing the merchant who shows us the benefits of his product. 


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