Mazatlán’s La Casa del Marino and Fuerte 31 de Marzo proposals as new tourist attraction


Servando Rojo Quintero, delegate of the federal institution in the entity, mentioned that they are about to sit down with the government of Mazatlan to learn about the proposals and develop the project.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The dream that Mazatlan has a new tourist attraction would soon come true with the good news that both La Casa del Marino and Fort March 31 will be rehabilitated, the bad news is that they are barely meetings to know what are the proposals are projected for this historic site, said Servando Rojo Quintero.

El Fuerte 31 de Marzo y la Casa del Marino, hasta ahora los patitos feos de  la trasformación de Mazatlán-

The delegate in Sinaloa of the National Institute of Anthropology and History pointed out that studies were carried out to see the feasibility of restructuring the building that dates from 1930 and that it preserves the authenticity of its Californian neocolonial style.

“We had meetings with the municipal president, with the mayor, there we saw the need for the Casa del Marino to be preserved, studies were carried out to see the feasibility of its being restructured and it seems that it is possible to do so.”

The Casa del Marino and the Fort 31 de Marzo, the new tourist attraction that will preserve its essence: INAH

He specified that the work would be jointly for La Casa del Marino and Fuerte 31 de Marzo, which has several proposals such as making a museum of Sinaloa music or turning it into a gastronomic point, but what is known is that events would be held where the regional culture is made known abroad.

la Casa del Marino

Rojo Quintero added that although there is an excellent relationship between the INAH and the government of Mazatlan, they have to sit down to see the proposals to develop the project that will boost the tourist activity of the port, preserving the heritage without distorting and without losing the essence or authenticity, work that would be done in stages.


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