Mazatlan Carnival is subject to plan A and B; time will tell what should proceed


He maintains that for now, society must also take care of itself because it is in the weeks with the highest incidence of COVID-19 infections.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The same circumstances and the moment, according to the numbers of COVID-19 infections, with this new variant of Ómicron, will indicate whether or not the Mazatlán International Carnival can be held, and for this, you have to wait first, but for now, the preparation work continues, even if it had to be suspended, pointed out Édgar González Zatarain.

The secretary of the Mazatlan City Council said that at the moment, being in the week where experts have marked as the peak of greatest contagion of this new wave, generates endless comments, but in the end, there are still days left for the carnival festivities, and once they arrive, if the incidence curves of infected people tend to go down, what will proceed will be analyzed.

“Well, I believe more than the mayor, the circumstance itself is going to tell us, the very moment we are in whether it goes ahead or not, however, everything is being prepared to do it and not to do it, there is no no problem, you are prepared for everything. The administration is prepared on the route of saying if there is a possibility of doing it, because it is done, something more modest, it is an issue that Culture brings very clearly”.

González Zatarain said that in the case of Mazatlán there are many factors that will be analyzed, in order not to harm the economy of a tourist space, but also to try to take care of the health of the locals.

He pointed out that although this new variant is too contagious, one of the greatest advantages is that it has not caused work to be paralyzed, and less to fall into psychosis, since, unlike another wave, this time the mortality as a result of the virus it is minimal, and it has not led to the reconversion of health areas or hospitalization.


The Mazatlan Post