Mazatlán continues to conquer and attract tourism despite the increase in COVID


Pulmonias offer the service, under sanitary filters, fortunately, they have not registered infected drivers, in the middle of this wave that is increasing

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The presence of tourists during this first weekend of 2022 in the port of Mazatlán was perceptible, although with less influx in some points, unlike in recent days. Entire families were at least walking and crossing the boardwalk under a semi-cloudy sky so it was observed afternoon.

Vicente, originally from Celaya, Guanajuato, interviewed on a tour of the market, pointed out that the destination has shown a favorable climate for distraction, although for him the heaviest was in the mobility of traffic in that area when looking for parking, in the rest of the beaches saw a suitable climate for fun.

“Many people, certain privileged places.”

Where do you visit us from? 

“From Guanajuato, in quotation marks, waste of time, many people at breakfast time in restaurants, downtown.”

While in recent weeks the demand for rental transport was marked prior to the beginning of the year, given the influx of tourists, at least for this first weekend of 2022, it is considered acceptable, where the most important thing is that the Health in many of the drivers continues to be exempt at the time of the virus, in the middle of this fourth wave.

“We still do not bring reports here with us, let’s hope they continue like this.”

The truth is that the handicraft and souvenir vendors stationed on the platform of the boardwalk, as always happens, were positioned from an early hour to offer their products to tourists, many of them made up of families, who move quietly under the shelter of the marsh breeze. .


The Mazatlan Post