32 official inspectors will monitor covid protocols for the Buen Fin in Mazatlan


Avoiding crowds in restaurants and stores to prevent contagion by Covid-19, is the main objective that the operation seeks.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Avoiding crowds in restaurants and department stores to prevent contagion by Covid-19, is the main objective sought by the operation that started the Mayor’s Office of the Mazatlan City Council, during the Good-End period, announced the deputy director of Commerce, Leopoldo Lizárraga Hernández.

The municipal official stressed that there will be 32 inspectors who will integrate the operation and who will be responsible for both the establishments and the public to rescue the prevention guidelines.

“For the Good-End they are the same operations, avoid agglomerations that are the most crowded, in department stores, we will be pending with that,” he said.

As for the businesses in the city, Lizárraga Hernández, added that the owners already know the protocols that they must follow when entering the establishments, such as taking the temperature, keeping a healthy distance, and correctly wearing the facemask.

He stressed that in recent days no sanctions have been lifted on establishments for not respecting the prevention protocols for SarsCov-2, so everything indicates that they are being carried out.

Lizárraga Hernández added that they await the arrival of the new head of the Mayor’s Office, to continue with their pace of work.

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