Due to green traffic lights, Mazatlan plans to increase capacity in businesses


It is analyzed allowing minors to enter shopping malls and the return of older adults to work in supermarkets

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As Sinaloa turns green at the epidemiological traffic light, from September 20 to October 6, there could be an increase in capacity in establishments to 65% and access to minors to shopping malls in the port, said Eloy Ruiz Gastélum.

The Civil Protection coordinator acknowledged that Mazatlán is once again the first tourist destination at the national level with a controlled pandemic and at the state level it is positioned in the fourth place in municipalities with active patients, below Ahome, Culiacán, and Guasave.

” It is to recognize the effort that society and the government made together to maintain the pandemic as it has been until today; Mazatlán today is once again the first national tourist destination with a controlled pandemic,” he acknowledged.

The official added that compared to last year to the same date, today the port has 143 fewer cases and beyond relaxing the measures, he indicated that society has the obligation to continue adding efforts, maintaining preventive protocols, which is essential to achieve total control of the virus.

He also added that very possibly older adults could resume their work activities in supermarkets, as packers, as this sector of the population is the first to receive the complete anti-Covid vaccination scheme.

However, it will be the Local Health Committee who in the next session will make the decisions according to the behavior of the pandemic, considering the requests of the different commercial and tourist sectors.

” The significant change would be the increase in capacity in different activities. It would be necessary to see if the trend continues to behave as it is today in the municipality and possibly remain at 60% or increase to 65%, ” he said.

Last Saturday, children over 6 years old were able to enter the Kraken football stadium for the first time, after having their access restricted for several months; This action could be replicated for cinemas and shopping malls.

” As long as the father of the family puts his signature on a medical responsive letter as such, the same criteria may be used for cinemas and shopping centers ,” he added.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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