DIF Mazatlán brings support to vulnerable families in Mármol


Pantries and cleaning supplies for the home were delivered, this activity was led by the general director of the institution, Dora Luz Camacho Llamas, they made a special route this weekend

Mazatlán.- In response to requests from residents of Marmol, the Government of Mazatlán headed by Mayor Benítez Torres, through DIF Mazatlán chaired by Gabriela Peña Chico, made a special delivery of pantries and household cleaning items to vulnerable families from receivership.

DIF Mazatlán staff led by the general director of the institution, Dora Luz Camacho Llamas, carried out a special route this weekend with the intention of reaching the families who need it most with said support.


The supports were delivered house to house, right there Social Work personnel carried out socioeconomic studies to ascertain the needs of the families and carry out the delivery of pantries and kits immediately. More than 100 families benefited from these supports.

The kits with items for cleaning the home were donated by Casa Ley, which includes pineapple, chlorine, soap, and brooms.

It is worth mentioning that a couple of weeks ago the DIF Mazatlán team arrived in Mármol with support for the families that were affected by Hurricane Nora, delivering 270 liters of milk and its accessories as well as pantries, blankets, mats, and sets of toiletries.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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