“Nora” Damages More than 600 Schools in Sinaloa


There are a total of 614 educational establishments of all levels that reported some impact on the rains caused by hurricane “Nora” and its remnants in Sinaloa

In Sinaloa, a total of 614 schools from basic to a higher level, reported damage to their facilities, caused by the passage of hurricane “Nora” and its remnants through Sinaloa, confirmed the Secretary of Public Education and Culture (SEPyC), Juan Alfonso Mejía López.

He pointed out that regardless of the process of the Declaration of Disasters, the first files have already been sent to the former National Institute of Physical Infrastructure (INIFED), so that the evaluation can be carried out and that they form the corresponding budgets in order to support these schools in their rehabilitation.

“They are the ones that were reported precisely because of Hurricane Nora.”

What kind of damage?

“The vast majority is damage to the electrical wiring, damage to the fences, the fields as well as floods, so we have sent some first files,” he said.

Mejía López commented that all these schools were registered on the platform that SEPyC made available for the damage report, which allowed them to have a timely overview of the situation of educational establishments, especially in areas where rainfall occurred in that climatological event, as well as allowed the information to be sent expeditiously to INIFED.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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