Salinas Pliego reveals “interest” in hiring Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for Mazatlán FC


The owner of the Cañoneros wants yes or yes to the best footballers in the world

The total separation of Lionel Messi with FC Barcelona has made several teams from the old continent desperately seek his services for the next season; However, it has also been the starting point for various institutions in Mexico and the rest of the world to joke about signing him despite the obvious financial complications that this means, taking Ricardo Salinas Pliego as the last example.

True to the characteristic and controversial personality with which he handles himself, the boss of TV Azteca and the Cañoneros de Mazatlán dared to launch a couple of publications that refer to the departure of the Argentine star, even conducting a survey in which he asks Mazatlan fans to vote based on a “hypothetical encounter” with the ‘ Pulga ‘.

Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo - El Quinto Poder

Similarly, Ricardo Salinas Pliego joked with a netizen stating that he has enough money to consummate the arrival of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, a Juventus Turin forward-center who is already working in the Italian club’s preseason but that, despite this, He could still change teams after the discomfort he felt for not having won the League and the Champions League last season.

As expected, the publications of the boss of the Ajusco television station brought with them several comments from Internet users on social networks. Several users reproached him for joking with an event of such magnitude with the sole objective of attracting attention; However, the vast majority understood the sarcasm and thanked the aforementioned for showing a funny side of his personality.

Salinas Pliego podría contratar a Lionel Messi en Mazatlán F.C

As for the immediate future of Lionel Messi, everything indicates that he will continue his professional career as a PSG footballer. Even from Spain, it is managed that if the Parisian directive hires the Argentine, it would give Kylian Mbappé the freedom to leave the institution, a situation that would benefit a Real Madrid that savors his signing as he has done in recent months.


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