Man forcibly enters a store in Mazatlan without proof of vaccination and is arrested by police officers


The arrest was registered at 1:00 p.m. in a branch located on Benito Juárez and Melchor Ocampo streets, in the Center

A man was arrested for forcing himself into a white goods store after being denied access for not presenting his Covid-19 vaccination certificate, a requirement to enter any type of public establishment in Mazatlan since August 2nd

Vaccination Certificate: in Mazatlán, citizens support the measure

The Municipal Council of Public Safety endorsed the strategies that are implemented in Mazatlan to fight against the coronavirus, which mainly relates to the vaccination certificate to be shown in places public and offices of government.

“Unanimously, all the participants voted in favor of giving it continuity, of requesting it for the good of health and that has given us results. In one week we have lowered 32.30 percent of active cases of Covid in Mazatlan,” assured Guillermo Romero, general coordinator of the Council.

For his part, José Antonio Serna Valdez, delegate in Sinaloa of the Confederation of Colleges and Associations of Lawyers of Mexico, explained that there is no illegality in the measure adopted in this city, since free movement is not disrupted.

” From the legal point of view, although it is true that it is a limitation to the human right of transit, it must be understood that we have the human right to health. Here the authority has to see what is the most beneficial impact, ” he explained.

In this regard, the president of the Community Consultation and Participation Committee, Octavio Cortez Jiménez, indicated that the most important thing is to promote the benefits of vaccination and ignore false information that confuses citizens.

“With this measure, we make people have a little more dynamism when it comes to getting vaccinated. We make those who are in the percentage who are not taking the second vaccine, think about taking it. Now what we are trying to spread is that you know that we are demanding this because we want this situation to end once and for all ”.


The Mazatlan Post