If we maintain health covid protocols, there is no risk of anything says Mazatlan Mayor


Mazatlan dawns this Saturday with 517 active cases of Covid-19

Mazatlán.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres assured that to mitigate and contain the contagions of Covid-19 in the city, it is necessary to maintain preventive health measures and the sum of efforts between the Government, businessmen, and citizens.

During a tour that he made on Friday night on Del Mar Avenue, the Chemist handed over face masks to tourists and locals and called on businessmen to strengthen health protocols against the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

“To ask them with great respect to help us comply with the protocols that they already know, they already know, they already have all the use of them, that they help us; finally, if the time comes to shut down the economy, they will be the most affected ”.

This Saturday Mazatlán registers 517 active cases of Covid-19, so it continues in red on the State Epidemiological Traffic Light and is the second municipality with the most patients, surpassed only by the city of Culiacán with 2,063.

The Municipality’s Covid Thermometer was located at 73.0 degrees, so the call is reiterated to comply with the correct use of the mask, antibacterial gel, the healthy distance and avoid agglomerations.

Source: quepasaenmazatlanenlinea.com

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