Mazatlan transit police warn those who do not respect the Camarón-Sábalo bike paths will face steep fines


For this reason, 20 to 25 infractions are made daily in addition to being constantly patrolled

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- “I think that there is a strong hand, that it is being sanctioned,” argued the Transit commander, Francisco Guerra González, for the invasion of the bicycle lane on Camarón-Sábalo avenue.

In previous days, Reacción Informativa documented that the cycling route is poorly signposted, and although there is a yellow line, it is invaded by vehicles.

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Given this, Guerra González insisted that any vehicle that is caught parked or circulating on the street equipped for bicycles is being sanctioned.

“All these vehicles are being sanctioned, they are being sanctioned, I think that 20 to 25 infractions are elaborated daily for this type of offenses are elaborated for that reason because they do not respect the bike lane, the pedestrian space, I think that it is being sanctioned, it is being acting, “he insisted.

He asserted that in that area the guard is not lowered in coordination with the group of the Tourist Attention and Protection Center, CAPTA, which are responsible for that area.

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“There is surveillance throughout the coastal area, CAPTA is in charge of there, but we do not neglect surveillance either,” he said.

He explained that they are the tourists who come to vacation and do not know the road regulations, with it the violations such as not parking in prohibited places.


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