Mazatlan tourists not following covid protocols


Apparently, some have already lost their fear of the coronavirus; the walkers, neither kept the distance nor used facemask correctly

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- From the photographic Parador of the Valentinos and to the monument to the sea lions, hundreds of tourists s were observed in this area of the tourist strip pm Saturday night.

Walking, taking photos, browsing the craft stalls, or simply having a few beers, visitors enjoyed a cool night at the port; However, the pandemic is not over yet, and apparently, some have already lost their fear of the coronavirus.

Using facemask, taking care of a healthy distance, and avoiding crowds are the most recommended preventive recommendations, but also the ones that are not followed the most.

By the sector, no element of Operative Networks was appreciated, in charge of monitoring and enforcing sanitary protocols, both on the beach and on the boardwalk.

Meanwhile, the walkers, who the vast majority attended in groups, did not take care of the distance or use the mouth guard correctly and the occasional absent-minded walk along the bike lane, invading this exclusive space for cyclists.

The traffic at the La Perla roundabout looked congested and despite the fact that there was a traffic officer trying to “speed up” the vehicular flow, the formation of long lines could not be avoided.


The Mazatlan Post