Mazatlan’s Pesca Azteca obtains the ISO 22000 certification, guaranteeing the food safety of its customers


Pesca Azteca, a leading company in the tuna industry, has obtained the ISO 22000 certification, an international standard for food safety management systems that specifies the requirements that must be met in the entire food supply chain, to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. state to the consumer. With this, it consolidates its committed leadership with the quality and safety of its product.

ISO 22000 is created with the aim of guaranteeing food safety. In parallel, consumer protection is improved and their confidence is strengthened and requirements and parameters for effective management and improvement in the food chain are established.

This is a certification based on a series of good practices that are at the forefront in terms of food handling, integrated management systems, and increased interactive communication between the parties involved.

Currently, the company has a new infrastructure for fish loading that controls the temperature and weight of its export product, preserving the safety and quality of the tuna, thus guaranteeing the conservation of the cold chain at all stages of its process and therefore, the safety of the fish they supply to their customers.

Additionally, Pesca Azteca has the ISSF and MSC certifications that guarantee the sustainability of its fishing process as its main strength, Kosher certification that gives them entry to the Jewish market, Halal for the Muslim market, Natural Process and Gluten-Free.

Obtaining ISO 22000 demonstrates Pesca Azteca’s commitment to an issue as sensitive to society and public opinion as food safety.


The Mazatlan Post