Cancun Academic Alliance to Prepare College Students for the Vacation and Timeshare Industry


The Association of Vacation and Tourist Complexes (ACOTUR) signed a collaboration agreement with the Technological University of Cancun BIS to strengthen the preparation of students in the vacation and timeshare industry.

The signing of the strategic alliance, held at the university facilities with the presence of the Executive Director of ACOTUR, Guillermo Muhech, the rector Julián Aguilar and the Head of the UT Cancun Liaison Secretariat, Itzell Pedroza, will allow the Students carry out their professional practices and learn about the operation of these tourist developments.

“With the signing of this agreement, we will be able to introduce young people to the vacation and timeshare industry closely so that they find a development niche and become part of our family,” said Guillermo Muhech, who highlighted that ACOTUR is made up of 40 committed associates with the development of Mexico that have more than 100 hotels and 40 thousand hotel rooms.

“The agreement will make it possible to disseminate what our industry consists of, promote research and even bring businessmen closer to the UT Cancun to find means that help young people with limited resources in the economic part,” said the manager, who attended on behalf of the President of ACOTUR, Alberto Solís Martínez.

For his part, the rector of the Technological University stressed that “the strength of UT Cancun rests on the link we have with the productive sector, so it is very important to increase these ties to offer more opportunities to the more than 3,200 students ”.

In this sense, he pointed out that the formalization of this agreement will benefit students and new generations to offer a comprehensive education since “we are convinced that alliances help to strengthen what is good in each one, but also open areas of opportunity ”.

“Every semester the students go to the productive sector to have a perfect relationship or binomial between theory and practice. We want them to help us so that our students can live direct experiences with daily productivity and can strengthen those skills they acquire at university, ”said Julián Aguilar.

The rector highlighted the Bilingual International and Sustainable (BIS Universities) model that they implemented a couple of years ago, which commits them to train bilingual students, with a high competitive level, an internationalization approach, and a sustainable human development, which has allowed them to currently have with scholarships in France and other countries abroad.

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