Another recognition for Mazatlan; now by INAFED


They recognize the city warning thermometer, the beach traffic light and the nightlife traffic light to keep the covid-19 pandemic under control

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that the port will be awarded a national recognition by the National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development (INAFED), for having made available the tourist the Mztourist App.

“Tomorrow November 18, Mazatlán will be awarded a national recognition by INAFED, the National Institute of Federalism and Municipal Development, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior,” he celebrated.

Benítez Torres said that because of this distinction, Mazatlecos feel very happy for many reasons.

“First, because this application has not only served to protect and help tourism, it has also served to protect and guide it in relation to the pandemic,” he acknowledged.

The Mayor of Mazatlan also said that the application contains information such as the city thermometer, the beach traffic light, the nightlife traffic light, which have been fundamental tools so that in Mazatlan it no longer detonates the coronavirus.


The Mazatlan Post