Mazatlan’s monument the Pearl of the Pacific inaugurated


Located in the roundabout where Del Mar, Rafaél Buelna and Camarón-Sábalo avenues converge, it is the new iconic image of Mazatlán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The monument to the Pearl of the Pacific, the new iconic image of the port, located at the roundabout at the confluence of the Del Mar, Camaron – Sábalo and Rafael Buelna avenues meet was inaugurated Thursday evening.

Present at the event were the governor of the state of Sinaloa, Quirno Ordáz Coppel; the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres; Oscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism; Osbaldo López Ángulo, secretary of Public Works of the state and Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, director of Municipal Public Works.

The investment in the work was in charge of the company Azteca Lighting in terms of the sphere, finishes, and lighting, and the rest of the construction was in charge of the municipal and state governments with a total investment of four and a half million pesos. .

The project is a type 304 stainless steel sphere, polished in semi-matt aluminum color; the diameter of the entire monument is 18.5 meters and the dimensions of the sphere are 5 meters in diameter by 4.5 meters in height; its weight is three tons, the same amount of stainless metal that was used for its manufacture.

The shell has a capacity for 120 thousand liters of water and its coating is made of white marble cut by hand in five by two centimeters each, so the life expectancy of these materials is known for their very long duration.

For lighting, four 10-meter poles were used around the roundabout to mount the 48 projectors that generate millions of colors; the poles communicate remotely and this is how they synchronize between themselves and the sphere.

The lighting warranty is 20 years with service included; It includes a system to avoid glare when the cars pass in front of the lights and the programming of each scene is three minutes giving the possibility to generate many scenes.

Formally known as Fuente de la Gaviota


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