Rainbow “Pan de Muerto”, a new concept of a Mexican tradition with an LGBT message


The delicious taste with an inclusive message for the gay community.

Learn about the new concept they promote for the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.

The atmosphere already breathes the best parties of the year. October puts us on the road to the Day of the Dead and in a year as complicated as this one, anything that is cause for celebration is welcome, so seeking to promote inclusion and respect, a bakery in Mexico launched the first inclusive rainbow Bread of the Dead for the  LGBT community.

Sticking to the traditional recipe and the form with “bones”, the Rainbow Bagels store presented the Pan de Muerto with colors of the flag of the gay community that is now available and you can order it through their social networks.

One of its most requested products is Catrina, which is a rainbow bread filled with creamy pumpkin, mascarpone, Colima salt, and baked pepitas.

Catrina del Popocatépetl

And we continue with the events that remind us of the proximity of one of the most important traditions of our country because a few days ago, the Popocatépetl Volcano launched a fumarole that resembled the shape of the Catrina, an image that became a trend on social networks.

Photos about the new product launched by the company in Mexico City began to circulate on Instagram.

The Rainbow Bagels article is about the colorful pan de muerto covered in sugar.

According to the top management of the firm, the puff pastry will be available every weekend in October.

The company is originally from the town of Brooklin, United States, but it became a success upon its arrival in Mexico City.

The colored Pan de Muerto sold at Rainbow Bagels is named after Catrina to commemorate the October and November festivities.

Apart from offering freshly baked bread, puff pastry stuffed with mascarpone cheese and baked nuggets are served.

Rainbow Bagels announced that deliveries can be made in these times of pandemic in different parts of Mexico City .

The colorful dead bread has a cost of 170 pesos, so the owners of the firm invited you to try the gastronomic innovation of the season.

What do you think about the creation of Rainbow Bagels’ colorful pan de muerto ?

Source: mediotiempo.com, cronicapuebla.com

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