Mazatlan flea market full of people with no respect for health protocols


A doctor from the General Hospital in Mazatlán says that people at the market of La Juárez have relaxed the sanitary measures to prevent the spread of covid-19, which could raise the number of contagions.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (September 27, 2020).- Hundreds of people flooded the flea market on Juárez and despite the fact that Covid-19 cases are rebounding, preventive measures are relaxed which could bring more infections to Mazatlán, Sinaloa. 

People of all ages went to this place without a mask, while others wear it around their necks or simply hold it in their hands.

They attended as a family group and even with minors and older adults. A doctor from the general hospital arrived at the scene, who regretted that the population did not support the prevention of the rise in COVID-19 infections in the city, and asked to use the mask correctly.

Annoyed by the crowd, and worried that infections could increase, the doctor requested support from Civil Protection agents, but they reiterated that the population refuses to cooperate and respect the sanitary measures imposed by the Ministry of Health.

Martina Leandro, stressed that she goes to make her purchases at the Miguel Hidalgo market and there tenants demand to keep the healthy distance and wear face masks to be attended at the stalls.

While the street market in Juárez is saturated, and people can be seen not respecting the healthy distance, and many of them walking around with no masks at all.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post