Mazatlan’s empanadas from Lomas de Monterrey, a delicacy with more than 40 years of tradition


On normal days between 400 and 500 pieces are made, but on weekends the production shoots up by 60 percent

The empanadas from Lomas de Monterrey, a delicacy with more than 40 years of tradition

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Enjoying the empanadas made in the community of Lomas de Monterrey, located on the state highway to Recodo, is talking about a tradition that has been maintained for more than four decades.

Empanadas de Lomas de Monterrey, una tradición muy mazatleca | Reportajes |  Noticias | TVP | TVPACIFICO.MX

Doña Lina, owner of the establishment, has been able to fight battles with the sale of this product made from wheat flour.

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According to Cristina, one of the workers, there are four more people who work in the business in a shift of no more than eight hours a day, time in which their hands do not stop in the preparation of the rolls which in the inside contain pumpkin cajeta.

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On normal days, Monday through Thursday, the ovens cook between 400 and 500 pieces.

On Sundays the demand increases and so does the work, as this day up to 800 empanadas are made.

Lomas de Monterrey KS

Doña Cristina, commented to Reacción Informativa that consumers come from other parts of the state, even from many parts of the country since their fame, without paying for advertising, has transcended over the years.

The typical bread has a cost of 11 pesos, affirms Doña Cristina, who for a long time has not modified the value in solidarity with the families due to the complicated economy, however, they also feel the damage by buying expensive supplies for its elaboration.


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