Mazatlan Police operation for September 15 will begin at 4:00 in the afternoon


Although there will be no celebration as such, they do not rule out that citizens want to go to the Plazuela República to take their souvenir photo

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Although it was already announced that this year the Cry of Independence will be virtual and there will be no celebration in the esplanade of the Plazuela República, the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic will carry out the surveillance and A safeguard that is carried out year after year, since they do not rule out that citizens want to go to the Municipal Palace to take their souvenir photo.

Only 60 elements will participate in this operation, which aims to avoid crowds .

It has already been announced that there will be no Scream, but we have to form the backup operation in the Municipal Palace, it is the mayor’s instruction because people will want to go.

Commander, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola

Alfaro Gaxiola stressed that it is in coordination with the National Guard and the Mexican Army, as well as with Civil Protection.

The assembly will begin from 4:00 in the afternoon and will end when the last person leaves; Fences will be placed in the main entrances, as every year, and the capacity will be managed according to an awareness table.

We are going to carry an awareness table, as we are doing in the beach protocol, we are not going to allow crowding; access will be restricted when the color red is reached.


Among the measures that will be taken, he commented that people must enter with face masks and access with intoxicating drinks will not be allowed.

“They are going to have to enter with face masks and a healthy distance. They are not going to allow intoxicating drinks, they are not going to allow containers, they are not going to allow any of that, if they come, they will come to take the photo and as they go by leaving, people are going to be allowed access, “he said.


The Mazatlan Post