Mazatlan: They forget the pipe for the fountain; break new pavement


Mazatlan Sinaloa; September 8, 2020.- They barely finished resurfacing and last night they broke the cement because they forgot to insert the pipe for the new fountain.

Around midnight, work was carried out to reopen Calle Camarón-Sábalo and Rafael Buelna; During the early morning, they installed the pipes and covered them with earth to allow vehicular passage.

A small piece of the fountain was also removed to put the pvc tubes that will connect with the central part of the fountain, those if they were placed correctly from construction.

People who work at that site confirmed that forgetfulness and only smiled when asked how much that new job would cost.

But they pointed out that the opening of the pavement will become a pothole since the correct thing was to remove all the complete tiles and not just open a trench.

It was also clear that there was no supervision of the work, although the cost of this oversight is absorbed by the company that does the work or is applied to the budget with which it is carried out.


The Mazatlan Post