Tourist rescued by Mazatlan aquatic squad at Isla de la Piedra


* 4 of them were carried away by strong ocean currents

* They were rescued by the Aquatic Rescue Squad

Four tourists who were dragged by the sea currents were rescued in time, by elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad of the Municipal Police.

The event was recorded late this Wednesday on the beaches of Isla de la Piedra.

At around 4:15 p.m., while conducting a surveillance tour of the coastal strip, one of the municipal lifeguards noticed that several people were being swept away by a sea current, approximately 60 meters out to sea, in front of a well-known restaurant.

They immediately entered the sea and with the support of tourist service providers they managed to bring to shore those who identified themselves as María de Jesús “N”, 32 years old and Laura “N”, 16 years old, originally from Chihuahua; as well as Oscar “N”, 40 years old, and her son of the same name, 18 years old, originally from Coahuila, who showed only fatigue.


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