Mazatlan’s Jumapam updates on water and sewage treatment plants


MAZATLAN.- The different public works projects that are being carried out in Mazatlán present important advances, such as the diversion line on Gabriel Leyva avenue and the Miravalles water treatment plant, especially the start-up of the Urías I Wastewater Treatment Plant, he said. Luis Núñez Gutiérrez, Operations Manager of Jumapam.

The foregoing after concluding the weekly working meeting held with the Ministry of Public Works and the construction companies in charge of social infrastructure projects carried out with public resources.

“We continue to advance with the Miravalles Water Treatment Plant, which is the most important thing for Jumapam, that it will remain in the agreed time and manner,” said Núñez Gutiérrez upon leaving the meeting.

He added that the diversion line project was streamlined, under the responsibility of Fipasa, which had caused great discomfort on Gabriel Leyva avenue, this work is already in good progress, but without a doubt the most relevant thing is the putting into operations of the Urías I, who is ahead of the operation and who, despite not being 100 percent in capacity, has satisfactory results from the water analysis.


At the time of starting up the Urías I Treatment Plant on Tuesday, Jumapam reported that during the work to increase its volume, raw water was never dumped into the Urías estuary or contamination was generated, as was falsely accused.

The plant, which had the capacity to treat 200 liters per second, increased to 400, and the waste liquids process complies with the parameters of the National Water Commission, they can even be used for irrigation of gardens, golf courses, and in the farming.

The paramunicipal highlighted that now the Urías I Wastewater Treatment Plant is working at 35 percent of its volume, and will gradually increase until it reaches its entirety, as the derivation of the El Crestón plant is made.


The Mazatlan Post