‘Beach’ penguins will arrive at the Mazatlan Aquarium


There will be between 12 and 70 Humboldt specimens that will inhabit the new penguin

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Humboldt penguins will be the ones that arrive in Mazatlán to inhabit the new Penguinarium of the city.

Contrary to what is thought, specimens from cold climates such as the Adelaida species will not be brought, which are the ones found in the Guadalajara Zoo.

The Humboldts usually inhabit the coasts of South America, in temperate climates with temperatures of up to 27 degrees Celsius.


The director of the Mazatlán Aquarium, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, through a press conference, was the one who revealed the news of this new attraction, which promises to start operating at the end of December.

The biologist specified that the penguin will have a capacity to house between 12 and 70 specimens “without any problem.”

He added that the space will have two floors and both operational and interactive areas.

He also clarified that the penguins will be in an area equipped with an air filter to ensure that they are at an ideal temperature and free of pathogens that could threaten their health.

Rojas Zepeda clarified that the specimens will be sent from other conservation and reproduction centers in the country, that is, organisms will not be captured in their natural habitat.

The new attraction will be on the building of the Tiburonario and will cost about 20 million pesos to recondition.

The director of the Aquarium pointed out that up to 52 million pesos can be recovered from the work that looks abandoned, commenting that it is expected to auction equipment with a value of up to millions of pesos to recover part of the investment of this public work.


Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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