Mazatlan tourist not buying souvenirs say, street vendors


There is tourism but they are not buying”

22 days after the tourist reopening of the port of Mazatlan, vendors of souvenirs and various beach items reported few sales.

They point out that if there are tourists but they are not buying, they believe that it is due to the economic crisis that the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has left.

“The truth is that I have sold a little, sales are not very good, people are not consuming the products that we are selling here on the beach; everything has changed a lot from the pandemic, the economy is still down even though the restaurants are open, Mazatlán is still a long way from recovering, ”said a merchant.

They commented that they remained closed for more than three months and just three weeks ago that they returned to work but with no earnings, only to pay debts.

“You are taking out for food, sales are very slow and weak, you don’t go out to save just to pay debts we had in quarantine; even with all this we are grateful because we are working earning little but working ”.

They hope that in the next fortnight sales will rebound enough to give their economy a break.


The Mazatlan Post