Mazatlan will issue 700 pesos fines to motorists who park Rafael Buelna ave sidewalks


DIF Mazatlan, Municipal Transit and Capta staff carried out a day of flyers on Rafael Buelna Avenue to publicize the respect of sidewalks and spaces for people with disabilities

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This day, a citizen awareness campaign was launched on Rafael Buelna Avenue to respect accessibility and mobility spaces for people with disabilities.

Personnel from the DIF Mazatlán System, Municipal Transit and the Tourist Attention and Protection Center (CAPTA), went to the aforementioned avenue to carry out a day of driving among motorists.

The information shared with drivers is social inclusion and respect for the spaces of people with disabilities, for which the City Council has launched campaigns such as “Open sidewalks”, “I do respect your spaces” and actions such as the placement of a podotactile sidewalk.


Gaby Peña Chico, president of the DIF Mazatlán System said that it is working to make Mazatlán a city for everyone, and called to respect these spaces.

“I send a message of awareness to all of society to respect all the blue spaces of the port, sidewalks, ramps and as well as the tactile touch lines found on Rafael Buelna Avenue, it is a guide so that people with visual weakness can move with all confidence and thus strengthen their independence, because as we have said, Mazatlán is for everyone, “he said.

Francisco Guerra González, Traffic Commander, mentioned that after this awareness campaign, from Monday his corporation will begin with the application of fines, approximately 700 pesos to those who do not respect said spaces.

Guerra González explained that the fines for not respecting spaces for people with disabilities have decreased compared to last year.

In June 2019, 293 infractions were applied; so far in June of this year, 12 infractions have been raised for this offense. Last year, from January to June, 1,887 fines were issued, and this year there are 853.

For her part, Astrid Macías, director of Capta, invited citizens, tourists, and merchants to work together for an inclusive Mazatlán.



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