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No water or sewer service at Mazatlan’s new soccer stadium

Jumapam boasts healthy finances because attention was paid to clandestine use and able to recoup lost revenue

No water and sewer service soccer stadium;  there are procedures says Jumapam

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A few days after the new soccer stadium of Mazatlán FC is inaugurated, this area still does not have potable water and drainage service acknowledged the manager of the Municipal Drinking Water Board, and Mazatlan Sewer, Ismael Tirado Ontiveros.

“Just last week we gave them the feasibility, they had not requested it and it is a process that we cannot avoid, and the feasibility was delivered to them and they agreed that between today and tomorrow the corresponding payment for the feasibility connection of the water and drainage, “he said.

Tiznado Ontiveros reported that for the construction of the stadium as well as for the maintenance of the lawn, pipes are being used with which they also fill the cisterns.

Currently, Munich Avenue is being modified due to the expansion of access to the new stadium, so once the permission of the water and drainage services is available, the municipal government will do the corresponding works to connect the venues with the water lines.

Liga MX: Mazatlán FC joins the ‘Copa por México’ preseason tournament heading to the AP20

Mazatlan FC joined as the last team participating in the competition in which América, Cruz Azul, Chivas, Pumas and others will participate.

The new Liga MX team,  Mazatlán FC, will join the pre-season tournament heading to Apertura 2020 called ‘Copa Por México’ to compete in two groups of 4 members for matches at the Akron Stadium and in CU

Mazatlan FC or Puebla were the possible candidates to occupy the last place in the mini-tournament, and finally, the Sinaloan team will form the group that will play in the Akron, along with Chivas, Atlas, and Necaxa.

Pumas, Cruz Azul, Club América and Toluca will form group 1, which will play their matches in CU. The tournament will have semifinals and the end of a single match.

This tournament will not have official validity and it is only a friendly preseason tournament to keep pace towards the 2020 Opening.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com, soyfutbol.com

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