Mazatlan drinking water pipe breaks


June 20, 2020

Real Pacifico and Real del Valle neighborhoods without water

Jumapam staff works on the repair; supply is estimated to resume in the afternoon

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A break in the drinking water network on Avenida del Pacífico left without supply the Real Pacífico, Real del Valle and Hacienda del Seminario subdivisions, among other settlements located in the surrounding area.

Jumapam Operations Management personnel are already giving corrective maintenance to the distribution line, since it is the 14-inch PVC line that connects the Pacific Rewind with the Pacific Tank.

Luis Núñez Gutiérrez, Operations Manager of Jumapam, indicated that due to the magnitude of this breakdown, registered in front of a well-known chain hotel, the repairs will be completed around 16:00, so it will be in the afternoon that the water supply in the area be resumed.


The Mazatlan Post