LGBT community warn Sinaloa deputies that they will remember their rejection of Gay Rights come elections


The Committee on Sexual Diversity in Sinaloa warns the deputies who did not approve reforms to the family code that they will remember them in the elections of 2021

On the one year anniversary of the State Congress rejecting the proposal to reform the State Family Code in which the figure of equal marriage was established, a member of the Committee on Sexual Diversity warns that they will remember this action at the polls of 2021.

Tiago Ventura Cárdenas, said that the deputies put aside their representation to cast a vote with the Bible in hand and not the constitution

He said that they are still waiting for the commissions of Constitutional Points, Human Rights and Equity, Gender and Family to carry out the opinion of the three initiatives that were presented to the legislature to bring same-sex weddings to the congressional floor for a vote again


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