Mazatlan doctors and nurses are true-life heroes


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- “Working in the midst of the pandemic represents a huge risk. And doctors and nurses know this, “said Enrique Calderón, a Mazatlan doctor with 30 years in public practice.

There is fear of being infected, this feeling is normal, but above all, “we doctors are professionals and we cannot abandon the boat. We are here to save lives. ”

He added that although Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease, for which there is no vaccine or specific treatment, the virus is fought every day in the Mazatlan hospitals and clinics.

This worries the children, wife, and the whole family. “Every day when I go out to work, my daughter says, ‘Dad, don’t go.’ Hearing this hurts and distresses. “

He added that at home he avoids talking about the issue of infections and deaths so as not to generate more stress in the family environment.

He tells his little girl that it is his job and that he takes care of people, in order to protect them too. His family understands and supports him, said the doctor.

The pandemic has brought more unity between the medical union and nurses. There is only one team in this daily fight against the virus.

“We all take care of each other. This reduces the risk of contagion, “said Calderón. He stressed that in the hospital, there are 40 doctors for the three shifts, and around 80 nurses, who along with the patients, fight together against the coronavirus.

The patients who have some symptoms and come on time, in their highest percentage end up recovering.

But there are still people who come to seek help when they are already in a very serious condition, “so they have to be admitted here or they are sent to the general hospital.”

The doctor, who works at the hospital and the Ministry of Health, says that the Covid-19 leaves them learning and satisfaction when they see the recovery of a patient.

Source: Debate

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