There were four earthquakes registered in the Mazatlan area


Mazatlan Sinaloa; May 25, 2020.- There were four earthquakes registered between Thursday and Friday, two of them above six degrees.

Alfredo Galaviz Solís, Geologist from the UNAM Limnology Unit based in this tourist port, reported that the origin and epicenter was in the Orozco and Rivera plates, caused by the movement of the Cocos plate.

Galavíz said that it was at this point that tremors of an intensity of 6.1, 6.2 SD 4.1 and 4.4 degrees were generated.

“This series of tremors has to do with the five plate systems, the one in North America that is the entire continent, the peaceful plate that is here in front of Mazatlan and between those two are Rivera and Orozco, which is in where these last four movements occurred, originated by the coconut plate located towards the southeast and which is the most active, ”said the specialist.

He mentioned that “The coconut plate is more active and causes the neighbors to move while one collides with the plate of the continent, which is the plate of North America. Here in the case of the Pacific we have sisaya, lateral movement of the plates that are where this type of movement is taking place ”

20 years ago earthquakes of that intensity occurred and were noticeable to the population. In this step they could go unnoticed, although in tall buildings they can oscillate, but it does not represent a risk because the constructions are within the norm, Galavíz said.


The Mazatlan Post