Awareness-raising operations will continue in Mazatlan until COVID cases drop


Mazatlán Sinaloa.- To return to ordinary activities, it is necessary to lower the number of people infected by the coronavirus, and in the meantime, the Government of Mazatlán will maintain the operations of citizen awareness and closure of public spaces, clarified the coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastelum.

He explained that due to the presence of people in non-essential public places, surveillance was reinforced; Only on beaches over the weekend 482 people retired.

“At the close of the preventive operation in the beach area, 6,543 people have been withdrawn and they have been invited to keep their healthy distance and explain to them the reason why it is not even allowed to use beaches. There have been 12 people detained since the operation began, which have ignored the recommendations that lifeguards and tourist police are giving, “he said.

Ruiz Gastélum recalled that the two increases that there have been in people with Covid-19, were the result of celebrations carried out on Children’s Day and Mother’s Day, so he insisted on the call to stay home and keep a healthy distance when it is done some activity outside of it.

“We have the vehicle verification filters installed where the driver and the people who come aboard the motor units are invited to use the mouth covers, to apply all preventive sanitation measures for both their vehicle and their home, and above all, continue with the guidelines that are allowing us to gradually reduce the rates of affectation within the municipality of Mazatlán. We will continue until we have the lowest number of reported cases and that will give us the guideline of when we will return to ordinary activities, “added the Civil Protection Coordinator.


The Mazatlan Post