Mazatlan Internal Affairs of the SSP investigates police officers who shot into the ‘air’


According to the police, the elements were on a chase to try to arrest a man who had just robbed a convenience store, but the subject broke into a home, and from there, people began to attack the police agents.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Through the Internal Affairs area, the Secretariat of Public Security in Mazatlán opened an investigation to clarify the fact viralized on social networks, where municipal police officers repeatedly detonated their firearms, even attacking José de Jesús Flores Segura declared to women in the “12 de Mayo” neighborhood in the Municipality.

The secretary of the City Council clarified that, according to the police, the elements were in pursuit to try to arrest a man who had just robbed a convenience store; and in the sector described above, the subject went into a home and from there, people began to attack police agents.  

“They were in pursuit, they went into a home and from there they began to attack the agents. But, who has knowledge is Internal Affairs of this matter and an investigation of the events that appear on social networks has already begun, ”he said.

The local official did not know if the firearms were fired into the air because a ‘brawl’ mounted against them or to persuade any dangerous situation; however, an investigation was launched to clarify the fact. And if any violation or violation of Human Rights was incurred, the applicable sanctions will be applied, he said.

Flores Segura maintained that by instructions from the mayor, the issue will be followed up.

In this regard, he stressed that the Secretariat of Public Safety of Mazatlán has a trained police force, and with the most “in-depth” in the entire country, apart from the elements, they always risk their lives to take care of the population; but it is not a justification for some to do wrong.

He pointed out that in the event that it is shown that there was an abuse of authority, the Commission will publicly request the Internal Affairs Unit and the Honor and Justice Commission to punish those responsible and repair the damage.

Likewise, Núñez Millán reported that the maximum sanctions could range from the dismissal of the post to the disqualification of any other public office; Therefore, he called for those affected to go to the offices of the Human Rights Commission in Mazatlán to provide the necessary evidence about the abuse.


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