Mazatlan: Section of Camaron Sabalo avenue will be open today


From the El Faro hotel to Gaviotas avenue, the double circulation will be on the western lane

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Mazatlan. – The Deputy Director of Municipal Traffic, Francisco Guerra González announced that Camarón Sábalo Avenue will have a change in road traffic, since the western lane, which is next to the sea, will be open to the passage of vehicles in two directions, while the east lane will undergo remodeling.

The official clarified that in the first section, some works are still pending in the sidewalk area, but this will not interfere with the passage of the units.

“We are following the instructions of the Municipal President, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to give them all the support that the construction companies that Camarón Sábalo is working are requiring.”

“Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the west side lanes, next to the sea, will open in two directions from the El Faro hotel to Gaviotas Avenue. The lanes that we have now open for circulation are where the construction companies are going to start working. Through Calle del Mero, at the height of the Sábalo Country pharmacy, it will be an access to the interior of the subdivision, as well as Laguna Street for access to the El Dorado subdivision. The G. Ruiz will only be as a crossing so that the people who live there can enter, ”he explained.

Remodeling of the Shrimp Sábalo (EL DEBATE)

The Deputy Director of Municipal Transit said that according to the construction companies, the remodeling works are on time and proper, so there is the confidence that the work as a whole will be completed and delivered according to the schedule already scheduled.



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