In Los Cabos, the suspension of public and private constructions works will continue


It is extended until May 15 in non-essential public and private works

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- After last April the State Government decreed the temporary suspension of construction activities, both public and non-essential private, seeking to avoid COVID contagions- 19, by instructions of the mayor of Los Cabos, Armida Castro Guzmán, the temporary suspension of said works was extended until May 15.

“This suspension will continue until May 15, and from there, an assessment will be made on whether the suspension remains there or continues, it all depends on the recommendations of the Health sector,” said the person in charge of the office of the Directorate. General of Planning and Urban Development of Los Cabos, Arch. Victor Hugo Green Palacios.

The public servant expressed the importance of reactivating the primary segment of the economy, which is the construction industry, which is why it is vital that hygiene and healthy distance measures are followed, “so that the works are resumed,” stressed the architect.

Green Palacios continued explaining that, the General Directorate of Planning and Urban Development is always informed about the guidelines that arise for the construction industry during this health contingency, as well as available to the public: “we will be very aware of any information and support that they require ”.

Víctor Hugo Green said to finish, that he trusts the understanding, collaboration, and professional responsibility of the builders, developers, and owners of the works in process, who, – assured the architect – will follow the sanitary measures necessary for the protection of the health of its workers.


The Mazatlan Post