Mazatlan will close all the cemeteries of the municipality from May 9 to 11


MAZATLAN SINALOA.- The Government of Mazatlán has announced that from May 9 to 11 all the cemeteries of the municipality of Mazatlán will be closed, as a measure against the spread of Covid-19.

There will only be accessible to people who are going to bury someone (burial), nothing more.

The face-to-face sale of flowers is also prohibited, they can only be sold at home, it is indicated in an announcement.

The measure covers all the cemeteries, that is, both in the city of Mazatlán and in the entire rural area, unions, police stations or ejidos, all the geography of the municipality.

All of the above is “with the objective of maintaining the strategy against Covid-19,” indicates the Mazatlán government.

Previously, the governments of Culiacán and Ahome announced the same measure, the closure of pantheons on Mother’s Day and one day before and one day later, to avoid contagion of coronavirus, since it has been seen that the people of Sinaloa “evade” the quarantine before festive dates, as happened with Children’s Day.


The Mazatlan Post