Without Mazatlan’s Ecology department approval, contractors plant Avenida Rafael Buelna with Amapas


Contractors avoided the recommendations of the direction of Ecology and Municipal Environment before a species not suitable for the type of land

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Rafael Buelna Avenue dawned with a new type of tree on its central ridge, it is the Amapa (Tabebuia Rosea), a regional tree that they are planting between the two bicycle accesses, however, the director of Ecology and Municipal Environment, María de Lourdes Sanjían Gallardo, differed with the decision of the contractors by putting an unsuitable species.

El rincón de Hernando: Amapas en Mazatlán

“The trees they are putting are Amapas, I have already investigated, we have already talked to the person in charge of the work because that space is not suitable for those types of trees, they do not take Ecology into account and we already supervise them with the removal of the palm trees , but they must also ask which species is better and that in the future it will not cause problems, “he declared.

28 04 Rafael Buelna

The first finished section of the avenue already has a large number of Amapas, therefore, Sanjuan Gallardo assured that over time, the plant will damage the infrastructure of the median because it is not suitable for the area.

“That tree is going to break the slab and we told the person in charge that this area is not suitable for laying but must be shrubs or species such as orchids,” he assured.

28 04 Rafael Buelna

On the other hand, he added that they are already under inspection with Gutiérrez Nájera Avenue, due to its remodeling process.

“We have already made the inventory of the Gutiérrez Nájera, which is a project that we do not know what will be done in the middle, but we already have a diagnosis of all the plants that are out there, because most of the plants are in very bad condition, they are full of parasites, cochineal, comegen, ants, and there we are going to wait, “he mentioned.

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