Curfew Is Contemplated In Mazatlan


In Mazatlán the curfew is not ruled out, as announced by the Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

This as a result of the increase in confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mazatlán, which in the last hours increased by 50 percent and based on the fact that some people ignore preventive measures due to the health contingency that the country is going through.

“It cannot be possible that right now there is no tourism and cases are increasing,” said the Mayor.

One of the reporters was the one who asked him if he could apply the curfew in the port, to which the Mayor replied:

Se contempla toque de queda en Mazatlán – Amo mi Mazatlán

“If necessary, yes, we have not wanted to go to that extreme, but if citizens definitely do not want to be correspondents, we will have to take stronger, more energetic measures, we will toughen up actions,” he assured.

“We have already begged the citizens that this is serious, here what we want is to take care of their life and health,” he added.

So far in Mazatlán, there are 17 suspected cases of COVID-19according to the figures provided yesterday by the Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas Torres.


The Mazatlan Post