No Fish Sales in Playa Norte Mazatlan Fishermen Desperate


* There are no tourists or locals to buy

* It will be a sad Easter

Carlos Torres, of the veteran fishermen in Playa Norte, pains that in this Lent season fish prices, in general, have fallen because there are no buyers after the contingency experienced by COVID 19 that “nobody leaves their House”.

In the interview, he says that due to the closure of hotels and beaches, no one is going to come to the beaches of Mazatlán in terms of visitors. The sale is minimal and in the best of cases up to two kilos or that they bring us the product to remove the scales.

Torres said that “they are up to date; This Easter will be sad, without people and without buyers; with the closing of the hotels they cut off our hands; there will be no sales. ”

In the question of being able to talk with the governor of Sinaloa or the mayor of Mazatlán, he says that he would ask them for “support, because things are tough and then they ask people not to leave their homes. I would ask for support, “he stressed.

Carlos Torres asked the local people to come to Playa Norte to buy fish and help them bring their livelihood to their homes; that people buy fish and eat it at home.

Mr. Torres says they are there from 6 am to 1 pm



The Mazatlan Post