Mazatlecos demand equal medical attention to all


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (April 4th, 2020).- Whether they have the symptoms of Covid-19 or not, patients must be attended in the city’s hospitals. Mazatlan citizens acknowledged cases of discrimination that have occurred in some states, such as Jalisco.

Having the necessary measures to care for these types of people, they assured, is what the authorities must grant to the medical facilities, to generate trust among the beneficiaries who need medical attention.

A Mazatleco named Jonathan stated that there are opinions against treating Covid-19 patients at the local hospitals, and around the country, as they could infect other patients, but of course, they also need be cared for.

While Félix Siordia, a retired worker from Mazatlan as well, ensures that everyone, whether or not they have the disease, should be cared for by hospital medical personnel, since that is the role they have to perform.

In his case, he said, he has not been through a situation in which services are denied, and since he is a senior citizen, he is more susceptible to being affected by the disease.

Source: OEM

The Mazatlan Post


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