27 cruise ship arrivals to Mazatlan are suspended; Last flight to Canada March 23

It is a hard blow to the economy because an economic spill close to five million dollars will cease to be perceived, and not only that, from March 23 there will be no flights to Canada, said David González Torrentera

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Due to the Covid-19 virus, around 27 arrivals of tourist cruises to the port of Mazatlán were suspended for this year, and this will undoubtedly lead to strong economic damages in the destination, said David González Torrentera.

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The secretary of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fishing in the municipality of Mazatlán, stated that in this first phase the direct impact is received by the tourism sector; We talk about tour operators, tourist guides and everyone who depends on this activity.

“We have already seen the issue of cruises, it would stop receiving 27 arrivals, with an estimated economic outlay of just over five million dollars that will stop coming in for cruises that are not going to come.”

“… Now, we are looking at how to be prepared for when the shipping companies begin to activate, since we are ready to also receive people and that we are already outside these phases of danger,” he said.

The local official specified that damages are also registered at the Mazatlán “Gral. Rafael Buelna ”, and more because from March 23 there will be no flights to Canada until further notice.

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“There is only one line, Sunwign, which cancels, only the empty plane comes to take Canadian residents and citizens back until March 23 and after that they don’t know how they are going to operate.”

“… But the other airlines continue operating normally to this day; however, I tell you, the occupation has dropped, “he said.

González Torrentera revealed that 20 percent of cancellations by travel agencies are reported in the matter of reservations and for this reason, the outlook for Easter is uncertain because everything will depend on how the Covid-19 virus progresses in the country.

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