Car crash leaves part of Mazatlan without electricity

Car crashes into a light pole and leaves part of Mazatlán without electricity. The four passengers were unharmed.

Mazatlán, Sin. -Significant losses in material damage, resulted in the collision of a vehicle that was driven at excessive speed, which ended hitting a light pole, in downtown Mazatlan.

The incident was registered around 6:00 in the morning on Monday March 16, at the corner of Aquiles Serdán and Alfonso Gastelum streets.

The car was a Sonic Chevrolet, red, with Sinaloa license plates, driven by José “N”, a Mazatlan resident.

Photos: José Luis Rodríguez │ El Sol de Mazatlán

Police report stated the vehicle was circulating from north to south through Aquiles Serdán and when arriving at Gastelum, the driver apparently lost control due to excessive speed.

The vehicle first collided with a pole property of the Federal Electricity Commission CFE, and ended up right next to a well-known local private hospital.

According to witnesses, who were jogging at the “Martiniano Carvajal” park, 4 people descended from the car, apparently without injuries.

Photos: José Luis Rodríguez │ El Sol de Mazatlán

Civil Protection and Fire personnel arrived on the scene, cordoned off the area and realized that at least 7 blocks had been left without electricity.

While Traffic Police officers were in charge of carrying out the corresponding inquiries to define responsibilities, CFE workers proceeded to carry out the necessary tasks to restore the power supply.

Photos: José Luis Rodríguez │ El Sol de Mazatlán

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