New garbage trucks to arrive in Mazatlan, April 10th


This week, the Procurement Committee will give the ruling on the winner of the tender

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The tender has already taken place and this week the Acquisitions, Leases, and Services Committee will issue the ruling on the company that will be the winner in the purchase of 10 garbage trucks, which will have an investment of over 20 million pesos; informed the municipal treasurer Javier Alarcón Lizárraga.

He said that with these 10 new units a better garbage collection service can be given in the city, since 45 trucks will be in operation in good condition.

The municipal official said that once the ruling occurs, the units will take approximately 45 days to arrive, so it is estimated that they will begin operating in mid or late April.

The requisites requested are that they be automatic trucks of the International brand, which are the ones that have given the best results in Mazatlan.

He commented that the tender was already held in which 3 or 4 contestants participated, and based on the economic and technical proposals presented, the Procurement Committee will decide this week who is the winner.

Municipal treasurer, Javier Alarcón Lizárraga. Photo: Juan Carlos Ramírez │El Sol de Mazatlán

After that, the one who wins the tender has some time to deliver the units, I believe that there will be a process of sending them to do, more than everything as they are specific and special qualities, the box for the garbage, the trucks, the characteristics What they asked for is that they be automatic, that they be International because we have seen that it is the brand that has given us the best result, there are International trucks that are about 15 years old, and they are still running there.

Alarcón Lizárraga

Each of the 10 trucks, he added, will cost around 2 million 200 thousand pesos, that is, there is talk of an investment above 20 million pesos.

With these 10 collection trucks, Municipal Public Services would have 45 units in good condition, since, in 2019, the current administration acquired 10 new garbage trucks and 2 more dump trucks, which were added to the vehicle park that already operated.

He indicated that there would still be a deficit of 15 more units because in the city there are 60 routes that are covered by the rental of dump trucks.

If we rented 6 trucks, already with the 2 dump trucks, we rented 4, what will happen when we buy these 10, maybe already instead of 4, we will occupy 1 or 2, but not as at the beginning that 6 or 8 dump trucks were rented, they were paid a wool and diesel aside, all that we are going to save with these new units, it’s all about saving.

Alarcón Lizárraga


2.2 million pesos will cost each of the 10 trucks that will be added to garbage collection in the city.

60 routes are attended by personnel working in the garbage collection in Mazatlan.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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