Dollar price today in Mexico: the exchange rate for February 12

The Mexican peso appreciated after statements by a Chinese expert on the stabilization of the coronavirus outbreak.

At the start of the day on Wednesday, the interbank dollar is located 18,5274 pesos per unit, according to the data reflected by the portal . The exchange rate for the purchase is in 18.2017 pesos and for sale it is quoted at 18.8531 pesos.

Of the financial institutions that participate in the foreign exchange market in Mexico, Banco Azteca today has the best rate for sale: 18.59 pesos for each green and Inbursa ticket to purchase at 18.40 pesos.

Dollar price today in Mexico: exchange rate of February 12

For its part, Citibanamex offers the dollar window to buy at 18.12 pesos and for sale 18.99 pesos.

While the exchange rate of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is located at 18,7653 pesos.


Following the behavior of Monday, the Mexican peso again gained ground against the American currency in the session on Tuesday, February 11.

In a press release, Reuters explains that this behavior occurs “as concerns about the coronavirus moderate after a major Chinese health adviser said the outbreak could stabilize in the coming weeks.”

“The currency traded at 18.6563 per dollar at 15.13 local time, with a gain of 0.22%, compared to 18.6972 of the Reuters reference price on Monday,” the report details.


Meanwhile, at dawn on Wednesday, the dollar appreciated by trading near a peak of four months. The US currency was driven by the slowdown in the number of new infections, which encouraged investors to resume their search for performance.

In fact, ” the dollar index, which follows the evolution of this currency with respect to a basket of six other major currencies, stands at 98,627, up 0.1%, approaching levels not seen since mid-October”.

Source:, reuters, banxico

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