Isla Fiesta 2020 on Isla de la Piedra


February 15th marks the date for the 2nd annual Isla Fiesta at Chivos Island, Isla de la Piedra.

The event was founded by Angie Dolezal and Dallas Autery and Rocio Heredia to help the special needs children of the Island. The situation with the school system and resources is such that children with learning disabilities including Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other various physically limiting challenges do not have an environment to learn outside the normal classroom. This presents a huge challenge for the kids, the parents, and the school staff. The 40+ children each must have a guardian present with them if they want to attend school, many of which do not have the resources. When they do attend, they are basically in the same room and learning environment as the rest of the students and don’t receive any specialized attention.

This is fundamentally what the goals are of the efforts, including the Isla Fiesta Annual Auction and Fundraiser. Additionally, the Ejido has donated a building next to the school that will need lots of attention and renovations but will serve nicely as a facility to operate out of.

The event will begin at noon and run until about 5 pm on Saturday, February 15th. Tickets to the event will include a buffet meal, and assorted beverages will be available for sale including cerveza’s, mixed drinks, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

The auction will primarily a silent auction where people will write their bid on a form next to each item. So far there have been a lot of donations from local artists which were wildly popular last year. Fishing gear is also popular with bidders and last year’s largest bid was on a top-notch fishing pole that was donated by Angie’s husband Jerry.

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“Brenster”, who is a Canadian Country Music musician with chart-topping singles, will perform throughout the afternoon. He currently resides in Mazatlán and has graciously donated his time and talents to the event. He regularly performs Tuesdays at Diego’s in the golden zone.

Getting to Chivos is easy if you’re not familiar with the location.

The Playa Sur Embarcadero will deliver you just a couple of hundred yards from the event at Chivos.

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24-7 ferry to Isla de La Piedra

The main embarcadero is a bit further away and if you plan to remain on the Isla after dark, it will be the only port crossing still open once the sun sets. That said, the event will conclude well in time to catch the Playa Sur Embarcadero crossing.

Driving around is also an option, and with the newly paved road to the Isla complete, it is a viable choice for many.

The administrators are asking that you get your tickets in advance so there can be an accurate count for food etc.


Tony Feuer at Loro de Oro Inn – Constitución 622, Centro Histórico.

Brent Mcathey, the “Brenster” at his Beach Bash every Tuesday Diego’s Casa de Playa in the Golden Zone.

Mazatlán Snowbird Singles Activity Page on Facebook / Ana Fernandez

ON STONE ISLAND: Restaurant Cerro los Chivos
BY E-MAIL: [email protected]
BY PHONE: 669 981 9525
BY FACEBOOK MESSENGER: Dallas Autery and Rocio Heredia

Mazatlán Snowbird Singles Activity Page on Facebook / Ana Fernandez

Bazar Market on Saturdays in Cerritos / Geoffrey

Catrina Market on Wednesdays / Geoffrey

Call 669 981 9525 / Dallas

You can also use this number to get more information,

We are looking for donated items for our fundraising auction. We wanted to give you plenty of notice so you could bring something from home. Maybe something you made, or something unique that represents your home area…whatever you think will make a good auction item.

The official Facebook page for the event: “Isla Fiesta on Stone Island”.

Hope to see you all there!

By Jed Vaughn

The Mazatlan Post