Truck driver chased and killed in Mazatlan’s historic center


Mazatlan.- A person has been killed inside a transport truck on the streets of the city center.

The report of the attack was given around 9:00 p.m. on Thursday.

The events occurred between Luis Zúñiga and May 5 streets.

The unit involved is a cargo truck with a business name of San Luis Potosí.

There is no data yet that he was transporting the truck.

In an unconfirmed version, it was said the truck was chased by another vehicle from the streets of the Golden Zone.

It was also commented that the driver of the unit moved a person without life.

Public Security elements arrived at the place, who cordoned off the area.

Subsequently, elements of the prosecutor’s office arrived to collect data and carry out an investigation.

Source: pmxportal

The Mazatlan Post