Durango is one of the safest states in Mexico


Durango is one of the Mexican states with the best results in terms of reducing crime incidence and combating crime, especially in the crimes of kidnapping, manslaughter and vehicle theft, according to information issued by the Federal Government in December, as part of the concentration and analysis of information that is carried out to diagnose each of the states in the country.

The head of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), Francisco Javier Castrellón Garza, reported that this reduction in crimes that has occured in 2019, is the result of the work carried out since the beginning of the administration of Governor José Rosas Aispuro Torres, with better training for the Public Security agents, as well as better equipment and strengthening of state and municipal corporations.

He added that the Diagnosis of Security of the Federation, prepared in this month by the Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection, the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) and the National Information Center, which includes the first ten months of 2019, revealed that Durango is below the national average in the crime index analyzed in this document.

According to the federal report, regarding the crime of homicide, Durango ranks as the fifth state with the lowest number of victims, showing a 5 percent reduction in the rate per 100 thousand inhabitants, in relation to the 2018.

With regard to kidnapping, Durango and Yucatán are the states in which there has not been one single crime of this type during the year.

In the same way, the crime of vehicle theft was analyzed, in which Durango appears in the fourth position of the states with the lowest figure. Durango is among the top eight state in stolen vehicle recovery.

Within the same report, the state of Durango was highlighted as the fifth place at national level, having the largest number of state police officers boasting the “Single Police Certificate” (CUP), which includes the evaluation of confidence control, performance, competence and basic training.

The Mazatlan Post