Mazatlan’s Jumapam donated 40 bicycles to DIF


* Girls and boys from the rural area will be presented to support their desire to study

The campaign “Sow a smile, donate a toy”, initiated by the Mazatlan DIF System almost a month ago, continues to reap success, since this week’s start, Jumapam staff made a new donation of bicycles, which already adds 40 units, which will give happiness to a girl or a Mazatleco boy.

This is the third batch of bicycles, now 11, which will be part of an extraordinary action of the System for the Integral Development of the Family of Mazatlan, which will benefit the Mazatlan children who live in the rural area, an unprecedented act that It goes beyond a Christmas gift.

Extremely happy, Mrs. Gabriela Peña Chico, president of the Mazatlan DIF System, after receiving the donation from Jumapam, announced that the bicycles that are being received in the campaign “Plant a smile, donate a toy” will be taken to villages where their Children have to walk to another community to study.

“Incredible as it may seem, we have communities where there is no school so children walk up to two hours to attend classes; these bicycles that we are now receiving will be given to these children, to support their desire to study, ”said the chemist’s wife Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, Municipal President of Mazatlan.

Specifically, on the eve of Three Kings Day, the DIF System will carry out a caravan that will bring joy and well-being to the towns of San Marcos, Pleasure, Copales, Guamúchil, El Tecomate de La Noria, Los Metates and Cerro Verde, where He will donate the bicycles to the school-age children who need them.

When delivering the bicycle lot, the Administrative Manager of Jumapam, Víctor Ignacio Valdez Cárdenas, said that it is very satisfactory to collaborate in this type of calls, where in addition to bringing joy to children, their human development is stimulated and that, too, In turn, it strengthens the communities.

A large part of the toys raised in the campaign have already been delivered to the children who attended the inns that were offered in different villages and colonies during the last four weeks, where some bicycles are also given away among the children who attend, but there are still missing the celebration of the Day of Kings, event that brings together thousands of families.

The campaign “Sow a smile, donate a toy” of the DIF Mazatlan is still open and with the exception of the holidays of December 25 and January 1, the offices will be open for customer service and donations of toys and bikes.

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